_75537483_m3820534-headacheSickness absence at record low says industry body

Are you managing your employee attendance?

If you’re a SME business experiencing significantly more than 3% then It’s effecting your bottom line. Further more you’re putting stress on the rest of your team, the business performance, or the consistency of your delivery to the customer.

The EEF said this month the rise in longer term illness may be as a result of the recession

The number of days taken off work through sickness is at a record low, says industry body the EEF.

The survey of 330 firms over the past two years showed overall levels of absence reached a record low of 2.1%, equal to 4.9 days per worker per year.

However, employers reported a rise in workers with mental health problems.

The EEF statement said this “possibly reflects, for the first time, evidence of the effect on employees of the long period of recession and austerity”.

Although short-term absences have fallen, long-term illnesses have risen.

via BBC News – Sickness absence at record low says industry body.