Business growth follows dedicated planing.





We are preparing for our major event in Lancashire next week.

Remember that success follows

  • A clear growth strategy
  • Understanding the numbers
  • Clarity on how to interpret results

Business acceleration from the past few years of recession


Business is difficult.

  • Whether you have challenges with time management
  • Whether you cringe at the thought of really looking at your finances
  • Or worse still, a business owner who thinks a cash forecast is attained by simply looking at your bank balance
  • Or you just want to understand what are the real keys to managing numbers in any business


Many of the business owners I meet ask me to help them find more time in the day.

  • They never planned to work over 50 hours a week but many work even longer
  • I can’t get good people, it’s just easier and quicker to do the job yourself!

I’ve heard all the reasons.

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