The UK public are in no mood to let Labour back in.

So with three hours to go here is my prediction. 19:30 BST Thursday 7th May

More people will vote for the Conservatives than any of the opinion polls are predicting. I don’t think there will be a large enough swing for a majority but I do think the result will not be close. The Conservatives will win and the Labour party will go into melt down.

I may, as a business owner have a particular view but talking to many people over the last few months everyone, from the guy in the shop to the person on the shop floor,

The UK public are in no mood to let Labour back in.

The evidence is clear, Labour leave government with more people impoverished. The reason is the politics of envy misses the point. The Businesses, the wealth creators in our society need to be supported not derived, in order for everyone to prosper.

Labour, in this election had conveniently forgotten the mess Gordon Brown made of the UK economy. The British People have not.

Ed Miliband, importing a US spin team, lectern and all, did “well Yeah” little to fool the UK public.

I repeat my prediction. I have a lot more faith in the British people than the opinion polls predict. Regardless of a phoney class war, Miliband, (god help us, Ed Balls) v’s David Cameron, Teresa May or Boris Johnson. All I and most of the voting public think is, I don’t care what school they went to, or how much money their parents left them. All we care about is, are they competent to manage OUR money and run the country responsibly.

If however if my prediction is wrong,

I sound a note of caution. As Employers layoff, and Prices Skyrocket and as the costs of a Labour administration bite. Remember we told you so.

The last time Labour cobbled together a minority Government, again propped up by Scottish Nationalists was Jim Callahan in the 70’s. They destroyed the UK Economy and made us the sick man of Europe.

Most people in the UK think the Greek risk is far removed. Well, if Labour are running the UK in the second half of 2015, we will realise that the pain the Greek people and much of southern Europe with 20%+ Unemployment is suffering may not be that far away.

Oh and can the last wealth creator to leave the UK, please turn off the lights, We can’t afford to pay the Capped Utility Bill

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