Nothing has changed and everything has changed

The population of the UK have by 72% voted for democracy.

The truth is that the UK is centralist, not right, nor left-wing. It has done that which much of Europe desires but is impotent to do.

The profiteers tried to capitalise at 10pm last night by driving sterling up. By 5am they speculated and drove the pound down to make a quick buck.

I predict the real result of the UK leaving is that the European Union will, over the next 5 years suffer a continued shock as other countries demand the opportunity to take back control.

The politicians need to now step up and do what the people want by properly running the UK.

Those who endeavoured to frighten the people with ‘Project Fear’ and avoid the legitimate democracy process by professing doom are leaving their roles. They will now make way for a dynamic, progressive, trading nation, driven by the dynamism of entrepreneurial SME businesses, rather than dictated to by large business.

The people of Europe will now begin to see the new possibility as an Independent, Great Britain trading freely and I predict prosper as a sovereign nation.

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