Will Labour will be wiped out in the UK general election…

So I will give my quick take on what the UK will have voted by 10 pm tonight

It’s 5 p.m. on polling day the 8th June, and the UK will have voted Conservative in greater numbers than any time since the 1980’s.

The reason, the fantastic majority of people in the U.K. have the common sense to understand there is a correct way to run a country.

The people of the UK know that governments don’t have money. The money belongs to the people, and it is only entrusted to their government to make the difficult social decisions to manage the finite resources as well as possible.

So I predict ahead of the actual results, or any exit polls, and contrary to some misguided reporting that the Labour Party will do well. Based on the diabolical proposal by Jeremy Corbin and his atrocious shadow cabinet, people are wise enough to understand what works and what doesn’t.

I confidently predict the Labour Party will suffer their worst defeat in a generation.

So today the people will return a larger Conservative majority to represent them in parliament. Few people I believe will have had any interest in the impact of poor economic management across much of Europe, and even less the example of a hard socialist gamble in countries like Venezuela.

But the people of the UK understand that business and the economic norms of a well-managed economy set the stage for the UK to prosper.

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  1. I said Jeramy Corbin would get a lot more votes than people gave him credit for
    Jim rogerson

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