The UK is angry, and Labour is about to be annihilated.

General Election
The UK is angry, and Labour is about to be annihilated.
Only a fool would feel able to predict what is about to happen in the general election, so here goes!
I am confident that when the country votes in 3 weeks on the 12th of December. Those seen as the political establishment will feel the full wrath of the right-thinking decent majority of the population. I predict that the Conservative Party under Boris Johnson will get the kind of result that introduced Thatcher-ism to the UK in 1979.
The electorate understands that the decision by opposition parties, encouraged by the biased referee that was John Bercow along with the destain shown by the BBC ‘Block Brexit Corporation’ to accept and implement the will of the people, was betrayed. This kind of anger was last seen when the far left again forgot what the British people know. You work hard, get nothing free, and can’t prosper when the politics of envy take hold and destroy the precious balance of fairness and honesty.

They are seen by many as evidence that the principle of losers consent professed by parties before the Brexit vote and promised by the opposition before the last election called by Theresa May has been betrayed. Moreover, the British People aren’t stupid, and they value the Union of the UK. They see through the Scottish nationalists attempt to ignore the referendum, promised in Scotland as a once in a lifetime decision. They see through the manipulation and portrayal and refute the allegation that the Brexit delay is evidence that it can’t work.
They witness the oxymoron, that is the Liberal Democrats, with the Bollocks to Brexit mantra, interpreting it as, Bollocks to the people of the UK. The British people are centre-right by nature, but this doesn’t mean they are naive, soft or stupid. They understand that a four day week means a 20% drop in public services fewer operations, less nursing care, less police, or massively more public expenditure to compensate.
They understand that private business would suffer the most catastrophic loss of employees as people moved to the public sector for the promise of a shorter working week for the same money. Labour would be distorting the delicate balance of employment cost, forcing business to increase prices for all goods and services in order to compete. This simple economic reality was last seen in the UK in the 1970s. When a radical push by the hard left, brought the country to its knees with the infamous three day week. The parallels are chilling, but the majority of the country is not so quick to forget.

So I’m confidently predicting a continued bright future for the UK. Many in Scotland don’t want a referendum with its catastrophic SNP independence attempt. Nor will the hordes of traditional Labour loyalists now vote for candidates that ignored their decisive instruction to leave the EU.

I predict a surge in the UK economy after the general election. As the markets react to  a Conservative win.

I’m looking forward to the reality check and reaction as the BBC ‘Block Brexit Corporation,’ Liberal Democrat, SNP and annihilated Labour Party slope off to ask themselves, “What on earth just happened?”

I’m confident in my prediction, but just in case I am entirely wrong. Would the remaining 95% of the UK population that succumb to the Corbanista politics of envy, remember to turn the lights off.
After all, with the 1% of UK wealth creators, who currently pay over 30% of all tax raised, [almost doubled under the so-called unjust policies of a Conservative administration] leave the country. Soon to be followed by the brain-drain holier than thou University Lecturers, as the remaining ordinary taxpayers, pay the price of a failed, state-owned, Corbin future.

I don’t think so… If you feel the same way share the Manifesto

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