Is it wrong to say, I told you so?

The UK is angry, and Labour is about to be annihilated.

Let us not waste any time gloating, but thank god the people of the UK can be trusted to see the truth. Able to ignore the constant preaching of the Block Brexit Corporation, BBC. It makes you proud doesn’t!

Hang on, what was that loud bang in the BBC studio? Huw Edwards looked concerned. Pop! It was the sound of the London metropolitan bubble bursting.

image elec noight 2019

I knew we could count on the incredible common sense and the hard-working, endeavours of the SME community across the UK. Now can we get on with growing our businesses, contributing in just a small way to the overall economy? You know the one that generates all the wealth, that pays all the taxes.

 You know that employes all the workers, that use all the public service. The ones that we want to see supported by a consumerist buying, hardworking, tax-paying population. 


This defeat is huge for Labour. It all but rules out victory in 2024, it’s simply too much ground to make up. (This is the mirror image of Michael Howard and the Tories in 2005). It’s worse than Michael Foot in 1983. In fact, it’s set to be the worst Labour result since 1935 when Clement Attlee, acting as a caretaker, was rebuilding the party from its lowest ebb.


Footnote: Many of my clients know my resentment at paying the license fee for the dribble produced by the Block Brexit Corporation, BBC.


So if you happened not to be up switching between ITV, Sky, and occasionally suffering the BBC, in the early hour of Friday morning. You may have just missed the argument between, special guest, John Lansman, Labour Momentum founder, and Alistair Campbell, of the Peoples Vote campaign. I have to say to see two such loathsome people arguing on the Block Brexit Corporation, BBC was almost worth this years licence fee.


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