Covid Facts. The 21st is release day; the government just haven’t realised it yet.

16 June 2021

Photo by Quang Anh Ha Nguyen on

Over the last four days, Covid deaths (or rather the deaths of people who died within 28 days of a positive test), heart attacks, kidney failure, sepsis, road accidents have been 12 on Saturday, 8 on Sunday, 3 on Sunday Monday and 10 yesterday.

Sadly, more young men aged between 21 and 45 will have committed suicide on each of those days. In addition, over the four days, hundreds more will have died of various cancers, sepsis, diabetes and old age.

The U.K. has a population of 68.7million, probably a couple of million more since they found out that 5 million E.U. citizens would rather stay in the U.K. than the original estimate of 3 million. Deaths in the U.K. normally run at between 1,400 and 2,000 per week depending on the time of year, and we are staying in lockdown because of Covid? 188 people in ICU beds with Covid, a further 1,100 in hospital wards, which leaves the NHS 143,500 beds for treating other illnesses.

It is bonkers that our Prime Minister has become. He is petrified that the future public enquiry might somehow blame him for Covid mistakes, so following the science will be the mantra and the excuse until he finds his spine.

Here is a question: how many people under the age of 50 have died from Covid, and of that number, how many had no pre-existing underlying health issues? Lastly, as the average age of all those registered as dying with Covid is still 82.4 years, which is greater than average life expectancy, what on earth have we done?

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